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The people behind Topcolor Breeding

Marinke de Haas-van Dijk; partner in Plant Breeding Service, a company that advises in the areas of breeding and commissioned by growers of breeds with flowering pot plants. Within Topcolor Breeding Marinke is responsible for breeding activities in the Netherlands. More information about Marinke can be found on LinkedIn.

Wim van Dorp; who lives in Ecuador, is responsible for the breeding of a wide range of cut flowers for a local breeding-/-production company. In Ecuador, Topcolor has a kalanchoë plant gene bank. With the help of several local women, Wim breeds kalanchoes for Topcolor.

Aad Vreugendhil; owner of a modern kalanchoe nursery of 36,000 square meters. At his company much attention is paid to environment, efficiency and quality of the processes and products. The greenhouse is fully automated and computer controlled. The staff is well-trained and have a passion for the kalanchoë. Aad supplies the necessary facilities at Topcolor and is responsible for the internal testing of the semi-commercial varieties. He also plays an important role in the selection of seedlings.

Peter van der Weijden; worked for several companies in the floriculture industry. He has extensive commercial and marketing experience. Peter currently works for two plant breeding companies where his duties include applying for Plant Breeders Rights and taking action against illegal plant propagation in the Netherlands and abroad. At Topcolor Breeding he is in charge of sales and finances.


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